4 elementary yoga poses to help you build a devil figure!

At the beginning, I became interested in yoga because of a friend’s introduction, and seeing his body gradually become slender, so I followed my friends to practice. Gradually, I also liked yoga and felt that yoga is a very beneficial exercise, not only can To cultivate the body and mind, yoga is also effective for weight loss. And the place of practice does not need to be fixed, you can practice in a yoga studio or at home (as long as you master some skills). If you also want to use yoga to lose weight, let me share a few yoga poses to help my friends build a devil figure. Let’s learn together!



Before practicing yoga, prepare yoga clothing suits and yoga mats. Yoga tops are best made of skin-friendly, soft, elastic fabrics, and matched with high-waist leggings. This can not only show your sexy figure, but also allow you to stretch freely.





Next are 4 yoga poses


  1. Prayer

Keep your body straight and keep your feet together. Put your hands together in front of your chest, relax your whole body, and evenly breathe.

Function: Helps you to concentrate and calm, prepare for the next exercise.


  1. Raise the arm

Raise your upper arms over your head and shoulder-width apart, tilt your head back slightly, and inhale as you raise your arms.

Function: Stretching the abdomen can eliminate excess fat and improve digestion. Exercise arm and shoulder muscles, strengthen spinal nerves, and open lung lobes.



  1. Forward bending

Bend your body forward until your hands touch either side of your feet or the ground in front of your feet. Touch your forehead to your legs and keep your knees straight. Exhale while bending forward, try to contract the abdomen in the final position, and exhale as much as possible.

Function: This helps to eliminate or prevent stomach or abdominal diseases, reduce excess abdominal fat and improve digestion. Help eliminate constipation, make the spine soft, and strengthen spinal nerves.


  1. Pinnacle

Straighten your legs, bring your feet together, lie down on your stomach, your hips in the air, and your head lowered so that it is between your arms. When the final movement is finalized, your legs and arms should be straight. While maintaining this position, try to touch your heels to the ground. Exhale as you straighten your legs and bend your torso.

Function: Strengthen the nerves and muscles of the arms and legs, strengthen the spinal nerves, and supply fresh blood to the inside.

Yoga posture is an ancient and easy-to-master method to improve people's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual abilities. It is a form of exercise that achieves the harmony and unity of body, mind and spirit. Life is a long road, and you have to shape your body every day to keep your body in good shape forever. The above 4 yoga asanas for body adjustment, I hope it will help you too.

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