Be sure to avoid the 3 most common shoulder stand mistakes!

Be sure to avoid the 3 most common shoulder stand mistakes!

For many people who are afraid to practice handstands or elbow stands, the shoulder stand seems like a good step down, but here's the problem! Many people who practice handstands will encounter some compression of the cervical spine or the body can not raise.

Today, we have summarized the following 3 most common problems to practice handstands. Let's see if they are helpful for you!


Easy wrong points 1.

One of the most common mistakes is shoulders, hips and ankles are not in line.There are many reasons for this problem, the most common is that the core and the strength are not enough!



Tighten the core, straighten the legs together, start the inner thighs, press the shoulders and arms down, open the chest, draw in the scapula and sink, start the back muscles of the legs and hips, lift the whole body up.


Easy wrong points 2.

The pectorals are too tight, the rhomboids are weak and the scapula is not able to absorb force, and the elbows are not able to draw in very well



Usually strengthen the stretching of the chest muscles, and strengthen the strength of the serratus anterior muscle, rhomboid muscle, the lower trapezius muscle, the outer rotation of the big arm, the elbow to the inside clamp, shoulder blades close to each other, both hands push the back forward, the spine up


Easy to make mistakes 3.

The weight of the upper body is all on the shoulder and neck, resulting in no space and compression of the cervical spine.



The ribs and chest are raised to the direction of the abdomen, and the jaw is slightly upward to create the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so that the cervical spine can create space with the ground and protect the cervical spine


Another option is to add a blanket under your shoulders to increase cervical spine space!

Shoulder handstand looks easier than elbow handstand, but it also pursues a lot of details, no yoga pose is easy, yoga must pay attention to the correct hair force, alignment!


In addition, hypertension, high intraocular pressure, heart disease, weak, menstrual women, not practice. Please do not practice this posture if there are injuries in shoulder and neck position, cervical vertebra inverted arch or straightening.


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