Doing these 5 stretching poses before going to bed at night can relieve fatigue and improve sleep quality!

Adult life is not easy. Excessive stress causes physical and mental fatigue and affects people's sleep. In severe cases, they will not fall asleep. I have read the book "Stretching Youth" written by an assistant professor of kinesiology at Los Nazares University in San Diego. The most impressive sentence is "Static stretching is an ideal way to relax and reduce stress throughout the day." It is impossible to solve all the problems that make you unable to fall asleep at night, but we can do some stretching exercises to help you Reduce fatigue, relax mood and improve sleep quality.


Stretching 1: Raise the leg against the wall


This exercise should be performed against the wall, the body should be as close to the wall as possible, and the legs should be raised to stretch the legs. This action can be maintained for 5-10 minutes.

 Stretching 1: Raise the leg against the wall

Stretching action 2, simply bend forward


Prepare a yoga mat, sit with your legs crossed, stretch your hands forward, lean your body towards the ground, and keep moving for about 20 seconds!


Stretching 3. Baby posture


Bend your knees and squat, stretch your hands forward to a position close to the ground, and lean forward as much as possible. This action is maintained for about 20 seconds!

 Stretching 3. Baby posture

Stretch 4, lie on your back


Lie on your back, raise your legs alternately, try to put your legs too high, grab your feet with your hands, and keep this exercise for 20 seconds. Do one side, then move to the other side.


Stretching action 5, bridge posture


Extend your hands to the top of your head, touch the soles of your feet to the ground, touch the ground with your shoulders, and then push your hips and chest up to build a bridge. This action also represents the state of waist strength. This action lasts 20 seconds.


Reminder: Stretching can be done on the bed, or you can put a yoga mat in the bedroom, wear a comfortable, tight and elastic yoga suit, and put on suitable yoga music, the stretching effect will be obtained Great progress!


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