How to choose yoga wear?

How to choose yoga wear?

How to choose yoga wear? Material and elastic both are essential.

Material, elastic, and color are the key points when we choose yoga wear. Let's know more about it.

How to choose yoga wear

1. Material

Material is the most important part of yoga wear. Normally, polyester and spandex are better, because they are environmental-friendly and harmless to our bodies. But some of them may contain harmful material, so please be careful when purchasing. The harmful material will follow the open pore to get into the skin after sweating, it will damage our health if keep wearing it, then more harm than good.

2. Elastic test

Testing the elastic of yoga wear, better to buy the good elastic is one of the key points. Pulling the fabric to test is a common method, touching also works to distinguish through feeling.

3. Choose color

It's important to choose the color of yoga wear as well. Yoga is a calm exercise, the dark color can cheer up and influence to get into calm status. Therefore, try to choose light and not dazzling colors.

The features of yoga wear material

1. Soft

Most yoga movement is stretching, so the move will be limited and can't achieve the expectant exercise effect if wear the hard fabric. It's better to prepare soft yoga wear. Generally, most yoga wear is soft and comfortable.

2. Moisture-wicking

Different from the common garment, most yoga wears are moisture-wicking. When doing yoga, we will catch a cold if the sweat keeps staying on the surface of the skin. This key point is already considered in the manufacturing process of yoga wear.

3. Good elastic

Although the yoga wear could not cover the whole body, it can make we comfortable to wear. It's because the good elastic, it won't limit the body. It's a best choice to wear yoga wear when doing exercise.

What kind of fabric is well for yoga wear

First of all the breathable is needed to the fabric. When we doing yoga, the warm-up in the begin will result in mass sweat. If the fabric is air-tight and does not absorb moisture and sweat, it will make your body as a steamer. Air-tight is extremely harmful for body.

As a result, cotton and flax is the basic choice. But flax have good breathable, bad performance in elastic. It's easy to slip down when doing big movement. It's a good choice to choose cotton blend with flax, mix with some Lycra to prove the elastic.

How many set is great

Usally we should prepare more than 2 sets to change timely, especially for heat yoga. But as for immemorial yoga, it said keep wearing a same clothes and do not wash it is good for yoga practice. Obviously it's difficult for modern people, so it's not suggested, get it as a knowledge is enough. In short, the first choice of yoga wear is which without limit of extrinstic, make you stretching free, can calm you down and relax.
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