How to keep practicing yoga at home?

How to keep practicing yoga at home?

Whether due to time constraints, lack of money, or other reasons, many yogis also choose to practice yoga at home. Doing yoga at home can also help deepen your practice. Here are 8 useful tips for yogis who practice at home.




  1. Same time and place

Whether it's practicing yoga at home or committing to a healthy diet, it's important to develop habits. Start your practice at the same time and place, and turn off your cell phone, TV, and other distractions during this time and focus on the present moment.

Tip: Also let your family and friends know that you have this yoga time and ask to be left alone, once you have the support of those around you, you are more likely to stick with it.



  1. Learn to arrange

Add the practice of yoga at home to your schedule and set a reminder at the same time every day, whether you commit yourself to practice for 15 minutes or 20 minutes, stick to it! If you feel good, you can appropriately extend the practice time or give yourself some rewards (the time of lying in corpse pose is longer)



  1. Plan your practice


Just saying "I'm going to do yoga today" isn't enough! You need to plan in advance what type of yoga you need to practice today (you can follow a yoga video). Maybe you want to do the same sequence every day to observe your daily progress, or you can try different exercises and find what works for you. Practice way.



  1. Create Your Own Yoga Space

There are a lot of distractions in a chaotic room, which can make it difficult for you to concentrate, so create your own yoga space at home. It doesn’t need to be big, just feel comfortable. You can add candles, incense, music, etc.



  1. Use Your Favorite Yoga Essentials

Your yoga practice can energize and balance your mind and body, but using the products you love—from essential oil sprays, to your favorite yoga apparel, to your favorite song playlist, to your yoga mat—will make you more enjoyable Your yoga practice, inspiring you to keep going back to the mat.



  1. Use props

Proper use of yoga props is very helpful for your yoga practice, the safety of your yoga practice is the most important, yoga props can help maintain a safe and comfortable way. Adjust poses with the help of yoga props to suit your needs and your body's abilities.



  1. Keep records

Documenting your yoga practice helps make it more real, recording thoughts and feelings for each practice. Maybe a pose will evoke some repressed emotion, write it down. You can share it with your friends via social networks, or just record your journey.


Documenting your physical experiences will also serve as motivation and encourage others to stick with their practice.



  1. Find resources

It may be difficult for you to design a yoga sequence to practice for yourself, but there are plenty of resources online that you can use as your reference, and you can follow the yoga sequences practiced by experienced yoga teachers.


Yoga is not a chore it will keep your mind clear and focused once it starts just keep at it

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