Learn to exercise like this, and your life will be completely new!

At the beginning of this year, I watched an old Korean movie "The Ugly Girl Turns Over". In the film, the heroine is 1.65 meters tall but weighs more than 90 kilograms. She has a good voice and can sing very well, but because of her ugly appearance. She is also fat and can only sing for others behind the scenes. With her talent, the company’s singers have brought super popularity and money. During this period, she also fell in love with the handsome producer. Out of cherishment, the producer treated her very much. Gentleness made her fantasize about him falling in love with herself. However, at a party, the heroine heard the producer say to the lead singer: "He is good to the heroine, but is just using her." After listening to the hostess, she was heartbroken. Since then, the hostess seems to have disappeared...

 Learn to exercise like this, and your life will be completely new!


One year later, the heroine returned. During this period, she underwent full-body plastic surgery and liposuction. She weighed only 48 kilograms and had an angelic appearance, "Jenny". She became more and more able to please herself and exercised every day. With delicate makeup and beautiful skirts, the whole person is full of vitality. Before long, the singing and beautiful heroine quickly became popular again, and began a relationship with the producer, and her life was completely renewed.

 Learn to exercise like this, and your life will be completely new!

After watching this movie, I was moved by the heroine in the play. I want to be as beautiful and thin as her. So in terms of equipment, I will wear a breathable, comfortable and elastic yoga suit, which not only shows my figure but also allows me to exercise well; in sports, I spend half an hour jogging and then spend half an hour doing planks ; In terms of diet, breakfast is an egg, a cup of skim milk, lunch is beef (chicken) meat/fish, green leafy vegetables, and dinner is 1 piece of wheat bread/skimmed milk/sugar-free soy milk plus 1 egg. After six months of persisting, the fat on my abdomen and buttocks has obviously lost a lot of weight, and the whole person has become slimmer and more confident.




The heroine’s journey from "fat girl to beauty", from inferiority to self-confidence, contains a moving force telling us that maybe we don’t need weight-loss surgery or plastic surgery to change ourselves like the heroine, but we You can make yourself beautiful and confident through exercise and fitness.

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