Some people say that exercise changes the level of appearance, yoga changes temperament.

Some people say that exercise changes the level of appearance, yoga changes temperament.


So if we spend an hour a day practicing yoga, what changes will it make for us?

Yoga three times a week for one hour a time, can be very good to keep the body active, the elderly can also prevent dementia.

Yoga five times a week for one hour a time, and your physical age will be much younger than your actual age, and your mood will be much better than before.

Yoga seven times a week for an hour was associated with significantly higher levels of confidence, and confidence was rated as more attractive than non-yoga women of the same age.

It can be seen that if you insist on yoga, you will not only change your body, but also bring you regular life, optimistic attitude, tough character and elegant temperament, and add happiness to your life.


Only with regular practice can you see physical and mental changes

Yoga's improvement of the soul is based on regular practice, only correct and continuous practice can achieve an optimistic and positive lifestyle.


Regular and continuous practice gives yoga a sense of ritual

Life needs a sense of ritual, yoga also needs, it is a kind of affirmation of your heart, let you reach the satisfaction and peace of mind. An hour of mindfulness yoga a day will make you feel more ritualistic than do every once in a while, and that ritualistic yoga will change you more quickly.


In people who practice yoga for a long time, you will find that they:


A beautiful form

Long-term practice yoga, above all on self-confidence, temperament went up a step, can let your body curve be trenchant next, avoid coxal prolapse, hamstring becomes very elastic, make leg changes more slender and beautiful, thereby the body is more beautiful.

Full of vitality

Practicing yoga can strengthen the body and bring a good mental outlook. Relax the tired body through yoga and breathing therapy, and promote the blood circulation system in the body, very good activation of physical and mental energy, so long-term practice of yoga, naturally give people a feeling of sunshine, full of vitality.

Live a more regular life

Practicing yoga requires an empty stomach, which needs to be practiced in a fixed period of time, and requires a regular life to take out the most suitable time. Keep the habit of practicing yoga for a long time, and life naturally becomes more regular.


The frequency of yoga practice varies from person to person. For beginners, their bodies need a certain frequency of practice to adapt to yoga practice, and 2-3 times a week, 1 hour a time of practice, can also bring obvious health effects. And for some people who have been practicing yoga for a long time, reasonable arrangement of their work and life, 1 hour a day to practice yoga, that is of course excellent.


When you make yoga a part of your life, you no longer need to stick to it, it has become a habit!

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