The necessary yoga poses in the yoga studio (worthy of collection)

The necessary yoga poses in the yoga studio (worthy of collection)

Hatha yoga is a kind of yoga, and it is also the easiest and easiest to learn in yoga, mainly to learn to control breathing. Hatha Yoga is also known as traditional yoga. In the word Hatha, "ha" (ha) means the sun and "he" (tha) means the moon. It represents the balance of two opposites, male and female, day and night, yin and yang, cold and heat, and anything else that complements each other.


What are the benefits of hatha yoga?


  1. If there is pain in the chest and back, you can relieve it by practicing hatha yoga, but it should be noted that the practice time should not be too long.
  1. Before practicing hatha yoga, take a hot bath and eat light food to relieve fatigue.
  1. Cardiogenic asthma, hiccups, headaches and other symptoms can be relieved by combining yoga exercises, but the doctor's consent is required to avoid affecting physical health.
  1. For abdominal distension, you can relieve abdominal discomfort by practicing hatha yoga breathing method. In addition, in order to avoid abdominal discomfort, you must master the correct movement essentials during practice.
  1. Unpleasant emotions such as fear and pain suddenly appear on weekdays, which can be improved through yoga practice, but the number of times of practice should be determined according to your own situation, and you should not practice too many times blindly.
  1. When treating diseases, use the correct method, and at the same time use the method of hatha yoga physical therapy, do not be superstitious about remedies.

Recommend to everyone 18 hatha pose sequence diagrams! A must for yoga studios, teachers and practitioners should collect them!


Yoga Sun Salutation (Salute to the Sun)


Advanced Asanas Unlock Bird of Paradise Pose and Twist


Cobra pose


Step-by-step practice of Crow Pose (Crane Pose)


Advanced Dog Pose Exercises in the Forward Bend Series


Core Strengthening Advanced Stretching and Handstand


Beginners to advanced forward bends


Entry Practice of Restoration


Toe and Arm Support (Advanced Balance Exercise)


Correct introduction of the inverted stereotype


Wheeled Advancement of Post-Extended Asana

Advanced practice of balance asana


Step-by-step entry of the three-dimensional yoga squat


Advanced Balance Exercise: Double Snake Pose (Firefly Pose)


Eight Body Throwing Advanced Practice Chin Stand


Hatha Yoga Advanced Practice Monkey Pose


Camel pose for advanced exercises


Arm support for core support (halfstand)

This is the end of today's sharing, I hope you will go further on the road of yoga.


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