These 5 hip training techniques will give you a sexy peach hip figure in just 6 months!

Last year, I saw those models wearing sexy bikinis walking on the catwalk in a shopping mall in Dongguan. The long legs and sexy peach buttocks of the models attracted me deeply. I can’t help but sigh, if I have such a figure, I should It’s great, although I don’t have long legs like the model, but at least it’s okay to have a peach hip.



So I started to research, specifically to watch articles, videos, etc. on peach arms exercises. Among them, I saw an article saying "If you want to become peach hips, then you have to practice squats, so I followed them, of course, deep Squatting requires skill. If you squat casually, not only the effect is not obvious, but also the knee joint is damaged. Today I will share with you how to properly practice peach hips with yoga, lest everyone is like me, because there is no professional movement And injured the knee.

  1. Practice a squat first, with your legs shoulder-width apart, your thighs and calves perpendicular, and squat slowly with your hips bent, and then your knees cannot exceed your toes. There are 15 sets of this action for a total of 4 sets.
  1. The next action is the hip bridge. This action requires lying down, bending your legs, raising your hips to the highest point, and stopping for a second to recover. There are 15 groups in the same group, 4 groups in total.
  1. Follow the action of the practical elastic band. Walk sideways with the elastic band, tie the elastic band to your leg, and walk sideways in a semi-squat position. One group back and forth, a total of 4 groups

These 5 hip training techniques will give you a sexy peach hip figure in just 6 months!2


  1. Raise your legs on your side, lie on your side, tie an elastic band on your legs, and then spread your legs. There are 20 moves on one side and one set on both sides for a total of 4 sets. This action can also be done without an elastic band.
  1. After training, stretch the buttocks and stretch both sides of the buttocks for 20 seconds. The purpose of stretching is to relax the muscles.


Finally, I am kindly reminded that when practicing peach hips, keep an empty stomach. It is best not to eat a lot of food 1 hour before the practice to avoid squeezing the stomach and causing discomfort. It is best to wear body-sculpting and breathable yoga pants for practice sessions. Better, because professional body shaping yoga pants can make it easier to see the line, state and direction of the muscles. Finally, under my constant training, I have sexy buttocks in 6 months!


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