Wearing charming yoga clothes to practice yoga can make my figure more perfect

Have you ever tried to want to lose weight all the time and did a weight loss plan, but in the end you were attracted by good food and ate a lot of high-calorie foods, then the next day you gained a little weight and started to regret it again, and then " The weight loss plan" ended in failure?


That's how I am! No wonder I can't lose weight! It's hard to wear beautiful clothes!


One day, seeing my friend Lisa posting photos of yoga practice in social circles, saying, "Today is a good day to practice yoga", so it inspired me, because people with better figures are working hard to keep fit, I can't give up!



Later, I contacted my friend Lisa and went to the gym to practice yoga with her. My friend said that you need to wear a professional yoga suit to practice yoga, because yoga usually involves some difficult movements, so choose some There is a stretchy and soft yoga suit so that the body can be stretched during exercise. Later I bought a blue-style yoga tights suit, which not only makes people look simple and generous, but also brings me a good mood, makes me want to practice yoga more, and also promotes my body to become more perfect .



When I went into the yoga tube practice, I first found a corner by myself and laid a yoga mat, took a deep breath to cheer myself up. Then the teacher taught us some entry-level yoga, cat stretch, seal pose, toe squat pose, baby pose, bridge pose and other five poses. After the practice, the body will be a little sore, but this is the muscle after exercise training. The normal reaction of the accumulation of lactic acid, massage and relax the sore parts under the guidance of the teacher, so as to reduce the soreness.


Fundamentally speaking, yoga is not just hard practice. The main effect of yoga is to explore one's own potential and relax the mind. When you find it a bit difficult and difficult to stick to it, you can use some auxiliary tools, such as yoga bricks when doing some asanas. These are all for better exercise and achieve the best results. The same is true for a suitable yoga suit.


Finally, I want to tell friends who do yoga to lose weight, if you watch video exercises at home, you can make a yoga practice plan for yourself in advance, and it is best to choose a suitable asana to practice yoga.

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