What is yoga? 

What is yoga? Different people have different opinions. Tanjali mentioned in the Yoga Sutra that yoga is "a wave that stabilizes the mind". The Light of Hatha Yoga says that yoga is a "wave of steady breath". If you bring yoga into your life, it has a richer meaning and inner meaning.


What is yoga? Yoga is not only asana, it also includes breathing, meditation and so on, yoga is not just concave modelling, it can also let us obtain, health, beauty and good attitude, let life become more beautiful.


What is yoga? Yoga is not just about softness, it requires strength and balance, not only to stretch the whole body in all directions, but also to breathe from the body to the purification of the mind.


What is yoga? Yoga is not the final form of asanas, but the process of feeling the subtleties of body and mind, breathing, controlled practice, without paranoia to accept, your yoga state is your life state.


The process of practicing yoga is like planting trees, taking solid roots and growing slowly and firmly. In the impetuous breath, stick to the inner power, see peace in the power and create power in the peace.


Yoga can make us calm, smile in the face of life, positive and optimistic to look at difficulties, yoga can bring us energy, find physical stability and heart calm.


Have you done yoga today?

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